How do antihypertensive drugs affect sexual function

How do antihypertensive drugs affect sexual function


Influence of elevated blood pressure on organs such as the heart, brain or kidneys is well known. However, it is less known that elevated blood pressure has a negative impact on sexual life.

The mechanism which is leading to sexual dysfunction is the same as in other organs – atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a generalized process that involves all blood vessels in the body. Reduced blood flow into the pelvic region leads to sexual dysfunction affecting both sexes. In men, this problem is more visible because it is manifested by erectile dysfunction, while in women it is manifested by reduced libido.

Since it affects the quality of life, solving the problem of sexual dysfunction contributes to the positive attitude of patients to the regular treatment of hypertension.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction includes both treatments of hypertension and the taking of drugs from the group of PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra). Men who have unregulated blood pressure or who take drugs from the group of alpha-blockers (hypertension or prostate enlargement) should not take drugs for potency.

Drugs used in the treatment of hypertension do not affect sexual function. Beta-blockers are labeled as drugs that may have an effect on sexual function, however, new generations of drugs have overcome this problem. Fear of impotence should not prevent men from regularly taking medication for heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Men suffer the loss of sexual potency and sexual desire dramatically, such as loss of body parts and destruction of personal integrity.


Libido – A sexual desire, is related to the functions of the central nervous system. It is therefore sensitive to all medications that inhibit its activity, which are sedatives, antidepressants, anxiolytics, and also some drugs for hypertension.

Erection – Erection is a purely vascular phenomenon and hence it is possible to disturb it with medications for regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, and most drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Drugs that physically affect blood vessels in the male genital organ, those acting on the brain, regulating the levels of hormones (especially testosterone) or affecting neurotransmitters can cause erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculation – Ejaculation is associated with an autonomic vegetative nervous system, whose functions are not controlled by human will. It depends on the function of the nerves that go from the spinal cord to a small pelvis. This is a complex reflex process during which alpha-receptors are activated in prostate and epididymis. Drugs that block alpha-receptors can affect ejaculation.

Despite the ability of modern pharmacology to avoid or minimize side effects, men are so sensitive to the reduction of sexual desire that they often undervalue health. Although long-term, untreated hypertension or LDL cholesterol in the blood itself leads to impotence because they permanently damage the blood vessels, the immediate effect is more important to men. They feel the loss of an erection as soon as they take a medication, so they think – sex or therapy. Therefore, some drugs for the treatment of hypertension are absolutely notorious, for example, beta-blockers.

How do antihypertensive drugs affect sexual function


So If you need to use some of the drugs of these groups due to the health condition, consult a doctor about possible side effects. In addition, in order to reduce the risk of impotence, you can also use some of the herbal tablets for potency.

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