3 main tips for date

Guys today we will be talking about 3 tips for date most important thing when you go on the first date. I interviewed some guys to help me get what is important to do when you are on the first date. This may not be the universal truth because it really depends on the girl you are dating with, but it surely can help you.

So let’s talk about 3 tips for date:

tips for date


1. Be prepared

So if you are chatting with the girl you should flirt with her. So you should be confident when you are chatting with her, to see your attention. Because if you are on good starting point it is more likely that you will finish the race in a good way.

Choose the good location for the date- that might sound awkward but the right location is also very important. If it is too far from her and your home you should choose wiser. Also, you should think about getting her on dinner. Dinner can be a good choice but it really depends on the person. On the one hand, it can be a good idea because boys are usually taking girls on coffee or any other drink. But, psychologically on the deeper level, she thinks you are buying her. And then she thinks she is above you.

Are you thinking about the movie? From my point of view, it may not be a good idea for the first date. Let me explain

When you take the girl out to watch the movie you do not have time to build the deeper relationship. The movie can be good and can be bad but you do not communicate with the girl. And that is next topic.

tips for date



First of all this part is very interesting. Communication is key of every date. The first tip is that you should always more listen than talk. That you heard too many times but there is the strong reason. If you listen more you will learn more about the girl. It is like selling something. Always ask questions to find what girl think and then use that to sell yourself. You do not have to agree about everything but find out what connects you and girl. Because the reason for every communication is connecting with other people.

Find out what is her lifestyle, opinions about different topics.

Use a humour a lot. Why? Because girls tend to think that boys with a good sense of humour are more intelligent. The laugh is the cure so use it wisely. Of course, you should not learn jokes and implement them without sense. It will make it you look dull.

Next thing is that you must be confident.

So where are we going? I do not know, choose you.

Biggest mistake ever!!!!!!!!

She will think that you are incapable of deciding and total lack of confidence. The sexual attraction between you too is destroyed You must be alpha. You should suggest every time. If she says no and she suggests something else and if you like it accept.

And here come the most important tip of tips for date.


That is what splits relationship and friendship.  if you do not touch her after two or three dates she will consider you as the friend. It is something that comes before kissing. Touching, if you are experienced, can get you  100% results. Why? Everything is touching: kissing, sex, hugging. So first step to reach other levels is to start cuddling her hand.  If she returns that to you it is the very good sign. And you should try kissing. The outcomes will be very positive.

But if you try to kiss her on the end of the date without touching, there is big chance that she will reject you. Why is that? Because there is no introduction to kiss, and she will be surprised. The big problem, isn’t it?

tips for date

Bonus tips for date are that you should be relaxed and avoid faking at all cost if you want her for the serious relationship. Moreover, it comes whether you want friends with benefits, serious relationship or anything else. Energy connection is crucial for everything and at the end that is all that matter.

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