5 simple hacks to stay longer in bed

If you are looking to have sex with girls all night, I must admit you are not alone. Moreover, this is a common question that bothers every man. All of us want to be beast in the bed. It is something that feeds our ego and has an impact on our self-image. That is why the pharma industry is making high profits from this issue. New supplements and drugs are released on market every day. But this blog will not be about these products. We will show you how to improve your performance in bed more naturally by implementing these 5 simple hacks to stay longer in bed.

1. Eat healthy

Food is very important for all of us. It contains different materials that can impact our body. In this case food can improve or decrease your sexual activity. Eating too much fat or other heavy food will make you feel lazier. On the other hand eating food that is good for your cardiovascular health including lowering your blood pressure, protecting your blood vessels.
These include peanuts, onions, pork, spicy food. Also, these foods contain a lot of antioxidants(for example fishes) and vitamins that are protectors of the bad effects of external effects. Vitamins such as vitamin B1 can improve your sexual abilities by accelerating your peripheral nervous system including signals from your brain to your penis. Fishes including salmon, tuna contain high quantity of omega-3- fatty acids that can improve blood flow.

2. Physical activity

Physical activity is very important because it increases your testosterone level. Testosterone is a male hormone that is produced in testicles and it boosts your sexual life. You should start as soon as possible because it will also affect other aspects of your life including your mood, energy and other. I would recommend aerobic exercise such as swimming and running that has a better effect on your libido than bodybuilding for example.


3. Reduce stress

Stress has a bad effect on your whole body and organs including the penis. Stress is damaging your blood vessels, reducing its ability to perform well. Stress also affects your mood that can further decrease your libido. Use stress relief techniques such as meditation or mind fullness.

4. Stop smoking and using alcochol

Smoking has a bad effect on your blog blood vessels but also it affects microcirculation in your whole body including the penis. Clinically is proven that smoking reduces your sexual ability. When it comes to alcohol red wine is good idea, but it is not wise to use in big amounts. Wine contains polyphenols that are good for blood vessels. But if you overuse it and you will damage your liver as well your blood vessels.

5. Using natural gels

Natural gels are a mixture of well-known herbs that can help you to boost your sexual abilities. Natural gels are better than some pills because they have local effects, less or no side effects. Sexual life is linked to the overall health of every person. So if you want to improve your sexual life, do it now because it will also help you to live a happier life.

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5 simple hacks to stay longer in bed
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5 simple hacks to stay longer in bed
Find out how to have sex with girls all night. Implementing these 5 simple hacks you will improve your performance in bed more naturally

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