Best sex games

Think about what is ” the dirtiest” game you’ve ever tried in bed? And then imagine that you go a step further and make the scene even more exciting. Of course, everything would explode out passion.

Best of all, these games will not only bring you more dynamics into the love life but will also really reveal a new dimension of pleasure to you. Sensual pleasures, even if they appear to be very bold and intense, lose their pleasure if they are frequently repeated in the same way. In that case, occasionally move the border and breathe new strength into the games of love. It is especially worthwhile to spice things up with dirty tricks.

Game of luck

If you or your partner are shy and dirty words hardly come out of your mouth during the sex, try it in the game of luck. In this game, you are both winners, and you are bidding only the imagination. The objective of this game is to find out what makes you excited and what does your partner like.

You need two bags or pillow cases where you put the papers with written wishes. The game takes place in complete silence, and what is written on the paper you need to do to your partner who draws the paper in the next turn. Lose yourself in imagination when you pick up a pen in your hand and write down everything that makes you excited and uncomfortable telling your partner in the face.

Strip poker

This is a classic game that builds up the sexual tension. The loser removes everything, the winner sees everything. You can also use a monopoly and a map, or any other social game. Any bad move or standing on the wrong field is paid by a piece of clothing. Every time you definitely lose you have to stimulate the winner in the way she wants.

Truth or dare

Take the opportunity to get to know the deepest sexual fantasies and the wishes of your partner. Allow yourself to admit things that you would never even claim, and do the challenges you would never even have.

That’s why this game is intended – remove the joints! The truth or challenge is not just the game you played in high school, as this game can get you many laughs, fun and carefree sex.

Irresistible stranger

Best sex games

Escape from reality for one night and turn into an attractive seducer that a woman on the other side of the bar cannot resist. She is of, course, your partner who also turns out to be unfamiliar with you. If you’ve dreamed about sex with a full stranger, it’s time to find out how it is when you seize a stranger who knows every part of your body.

Arrange to go to a club or cafe where you have never been, get dressed differently, and change your hairstyle. This will make your partner completely excited, flirt openly and even after the first drink let her know what you want to do to her. Invite her to another drink and continue playing the role of seduction and when you find yourself among the sheets.

Musical caress

Drop the dice to see who will control the music. A person who controls music has the right to turn it off or on. As you play music, let yourself to the foreplay, but when a person who won the dice says a ‘stop’, you have to stop touching. The point is that you invoke a longing and desirability out the one who does not have control. Tell her you’ll let the music playing until the end if she does something you want.

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