Natural ways to have better libido

The modern way of life brings less sexual desire and many of us ask how to get better libido. Researches in many countries man sexual desire are as the same as women. Less sexual desire can be a problem for itself or symptoms of some other disease. Moreover less desire can affect sexual life and can happen to anybody unlinked to age or sex.

better libido

Causes of less sexual desire

There are many factors that can affect sexual desire. Libido is according to scientists under the balance of hormones. The sex hormone that is predominant in men is testosterone, whereas progesterone and estrogen are mainly women hormones. So if men have fewer testosterone doctors and urologist usually first do lab test of testosterone. However, there are also neurotransmitters in the brain (dopamine and serotonin) which can also affect the sexual desire in the brain.

So doctors around the world grouped causes of less sexual desire in two groups:

  1. Physical disorders:
  • Cardiovascular diseases- because they are hitting microcirculation which is mainly founded in the penis
  • Diabetes  and other endocrine diseases
  • Usage of some drugs( For example some drugs like propranolol, metoprolol)

2. Some mental conditions:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depresy
  • Alcoholism

So seeing the causes better libido is gained curing the primer diseases or in some cases we cure symptoms. We will take the most used treatments to gain an extra energy when you really need it.

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Reduce Stress

The first thing that man can do is to get rid of stress. Stress is the great killer of libido. I would like to underline that hormones, as you can see from the previous text, is very important. This time stress increases the level of cortisol, the hormone that is killing libido because it is the hormone that works in situations like fight or runs. You should practise meditation, rest and walk.

Better sleeping

Less of sleep is directly linked to less sexual desire. Men who do not sleep well have less level of testosterone. Do not eat, watch tv before sleeping and your bedroom should be peaceful.

Do not smoke

Smoking is very bad for your health. As you can see libido is really dependent of your overall health. It is realising substances that are damaging your blood vessels including penis vessels. Very, very bad.

Physical activity

Physical activity is one of the best cures that really exists. You will see that people who are in the shape are much better lovers than many others. That is because physical activity increases the level of testosterone, improving blood flow to your genitals. So I would recommend running for younger like three days of the week. If you are older you should practise walking.

better libido

Using a mix of peanuts and honey:

Ok, we learn from the past blog that peanuts are very important for sexual health. Moreover, honey is also a great thing for boosting your sexual energy. Why? Because honey contains a large portion of flavonoids that improve flow to your genitals and protecting it from damaging factors that we usually get in everyday life. But did you know that it contains vitamin B that is essential for the synthesis of testosterone? Sounds cool for me.


Is beer good? Not because of alcohol of courses. Beer is good for sexual experienced and it is a cure for better libido because it contains vitamin B in great quantaties. Moreover, it releases a lot of phytoestrogens that delays orgasm. Phytoestrogen is very important to natural estrogen but it is made in plants.

And now my favourite: Sensual massage

There is no better cure for better libido than a sensual massage. Use the oils of cinnamon, patchouli and other east plants that stimulates microcirculation. That is pure satisfaction. You will ask for more. You will have an unforgettable sexual experience. Always remember that the brain is most important for sex. Sexual desire can easily destroy the dumbness you have in your life.

So to conclude getting better libido in a natural way is very easy. However, if you experience some chronical disease you should consult your doctor. They can prescribe you some drugs that can help you deal with less level of sexual desire. Usually, they will prescribe you antidepressives for premature ejaculation and for erectile dysfunction you will get viagra or cialis.

Attention: These medicines should be used under doctor control. Do not use it on its own.


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