Common mistakes made by men

Relationships, in fact, shouldn’t be complicated, gentlemen. Yet, there are mistakes that men persistently repeat, from relationship to relationship, until they fall into “all women are the same” phase, and finally, bury themselves for all times.

You’re trying too much

The excitement you feel when you meet interesting girls can turn you into a crazy, lustful monster who will devote his life to win younger, nicer, richer and smarter girls. Slow down and do not bother too much. Of course, we do not tell you to lie at home in bed and wait for some cute little girl to jump into your lap, but make sure you do not exaggerate.

An overthinking male mind that is not concentrated on one girl usually does not get anything. In addition, women can very well recognize that crazy one who tries too much and automatically avoid and ignore them. All good guys need to have one thing in mind. You can not force some girl to like you, and those who know you do not have to love you just because you are trying too much.

Not learning from past experiences

You’re not learning from previous experiences, neither of your own nor of others. This is, when you think carefully, quite surprising. People spend years learning about work, history, nature, or just areas that interest them in life. And again, when it comes to what concerns us all, relationships, only a few seem to have a clue what they are doing.

It’s not like you need to learn about female nature, but for a good and healthy relationship, you need to observe, listen and understand a woman whom you are with.

Being inconsistent

Men sometimes speak about relationship and a future with the girl, but then disappear without a trace. You should never forget that, when it comes to love, you play with the feelings of another human being. If you like her, just tell her that. If you do not like her, again, just tell her.

Acting differently with your friends

While she sits in the corner at the party and watches you talking to your friends without paying attention to her, she will surely wonder where is that wonderful man who has told her that she is the only one in the world a couple of minutes ago. It’s a syndrome which a large number of men have. You are afraid that your friends will mock you if you show your tender side that your partner likes the most.

Being overly possessive                                                             

If you call your partner several times a day. If you are constantly asking her about her male friends, and you are angry when she notifies you about job obligation that will occupy her for some time. It is most likely that you are overly possessive. Your behavior may initially seem nice to her, but do not be fooled, possessiveness and jealousy are relationship killers. Remember that your girlfriend is not your property but a human being with emotions.

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