A day of the pornstar

Guys today i will be interviewing famous pornstar. I will reveal her name at the end of the text. We wanted to better understand how pornstars really live. Is their life as amusing as we think? We will see through this interview is like doing any business. Porn is an industry like any other. So today we will reveal the day of the pornstar. In this case, it will be a female guest.

Our guest is a young pornstar. Men will categorize this type of pornstar as a teen. She is 21 years old with more than 20 movies, Very young very successful. Today she will discover her secrets only for titangelshop.

Interviewer: Hi, it is our pleasure to talk with you about this things. Many men are asking about to interview pornstar so we decided to make this move. So first question will be:

day of the pornstar

What is the feeling of being in this kind of industry?

Well, it may be controversial at first hear but I will tell you that is business as usual. There is no feeling(hahahaahah) like it is a common thing. I am not proud of it but that is. You may like it or not, but that it is.

Do you have a boyfriend or husband?

I have a boyfriend and he does not like what i do. But that is his problem and i am not concerned about him. Surely i will stop doing it in the near future,

So you, let be more specific. What poses do you like to be filmed in?

It is usually doggy, i know the men like me at that pose. However, i like missionary with my boyfriend. It is very romantic. As i said the industry is one thing and private life is another.

Do you like to other actor cum on your face?

Actually no. I like to swallow the cum It is so tasty. Cumming on tits, body, and other parts of the body is not my cup of tee.

Have you tried anal?

On cameras no. I will say it is not what I will do in front of cameras.  I tried anal with my boyfriend. It was an interesting experience. We used lubricants and it was not a painful experience. Moreover, it was good.

Do you like a threesome?

Hmm that really depends if there are two boys or me and another actress. I do not like to work with two boys but doing with girl is pretty cool.

So according to this, you like lesbian scenes?

Yes sure.

So you do not like gang bang?

Definitely no.

Can you describe to us what is the day of the pornstar who is famous?

Well, most of the times I am doing ordinary things like eating doing sports, trying to stay in shape. When I am filming I usually spent like 4-5 hours on set. I do not like to go out much. Many other colleges like to go out and go on rich parties. However, I personally do not do that.

Thank you. The opinion of alpha and titangelshop is grateful for your interview.

You are welcome.

The day of the pornstar is not as interesting as you previously thought have not you?

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