How long should sex last?

When it comes to sex, many questions crossed our mail. The question was the same:

How long should sex last?

Ok, guys, we will interview this question deserves some survey to see what people usually think about lasting in the bed. If you last about the minute you are maybe experiencing the condition called premature ejaculation. This condition could be cured but you should visit your doctor.

Ok, we did the investigation. Let’s see what are the results:

We asked girls and they said this:

  1. 2 minutes are disappointing
  2. more thane 30 minutes are too long and after that, they are getting bored
  3. 7-10 minutes are ok
  4. 13 minutes are according to them the best length of sex
  5. Foreplay is very important and it should last at least 5 minutes

how long should sex last

Ok, to be honest, I was not surprised by the answers. Moreover, they underlined that time is not important as satisfaction they get from the partner. Some girl said that they like sex marathons. On the other hand, said they like quicky. Surely, women are very varied but we took averages.

Next, we asked men: The results were the same.

However, men have the problem lasting in the bed. It is maybe the pressure they feel to fulfil girls appetites. Somedays it can be very difficult and girls are not satisfied with us. The result is that you are losing confidence and your girl is pissed on you. In the next blogs, I will describe what is happening from the medical perspective in premature ejaculation.

Now listen: Watching porn can make you underperform. This is due to many reasons including losing confidence, you become too shy, you think about the women in wrong way. The scenes you see in the porn are too accentuated. Simply they are not real. And if you expect them to happen to you, you are in the doubt. Moreover, your brain is producing sexual stimulants only in those situations and you will never get good sex because I repeat they are not real.

So we hope we help you to answer the question: how long should sex last

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