How to be attractive for any woman a.k.a how to be James Bond?

Studies have shown that 99% of women are crazy for James Bond. Do you know why? Why is the heartbreaker, while many of us suck. Today we are revealing his secret. Many of us dreamed to be more like Bond because he is in one word classy. So let’s start:

how to be attractive for women

Body language

Well, you know statistics, the main part of every communication is the body. What you can see from films is that he is always calm. Moreover, he does not get affected by surroundings. I also discover that he is always looking deep into women eyes. That makes him full bossy of every situation.  His moves are so precise and he is always the top player. Also, he never hesitates to make the first move. Vladimir Putin once said :

‘when a fight is inevitable, you hit first’

how to be attractive for women

You see confidence is the key. Do not to forget to react if you can turn the situation on your side.

How to use this when you approach girls: First start and end like the alpha. Do not wait for the perfect moment always attack first if that is what you can profit of. If you approach watching phone without focusing attention that will surely destroy your chances to make anything.


Get reject then took what you want

Rejection is hard for both parties. The one who gets rejected and the one who rejects. You can take this into your side. First give the person something big, something that he will always reject and then give them what you want. This works because the person gets upset when they reject you the first time then they will accept second because they want to feel them better.

For example, You ask the girl like James Bond can I take you home. She will answer No, and then you ask her for dinner. That is the cool approach and that is the answer on the question on how to be attractive for women.

how to be attractive for women

Do not get upset if you are rejected

That is very difficult looking from my perspective but it is the pill for your ego. The same is when you are through hard times. Change what you can change and leave everything that bothers you. Moreover, you will have the bright mind and you will think independently.

Listen to everybody, then do whatever you want to do.

Get a classy clothes

I love suites and think that suit gives you one type of power. With right suit, you will look as you can boss and your status will be much higher.

Always look like you do tough things very easy. From movie you can see he is jumping, playing cards, racing, shooting. All this took time preparing. So the message is simple: Always prepare yourself for tough tasks.

All these characteristics make Bond so charismatic. Women on subconscious know that. So be an alpha.

So Bond help us to answer how to be attractive for women

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