How to get out of the friendzone?

This one is special. Because I know that this can help you a lot. So lets first define what is friend zone. Friendzone is a relationship where you want to be with a girl but she does not look you at that way. The problem is that the girl on the first sight can classify you as a friend. That is because for women first look is very important. The second is dating zone where the girl is attracted to you. She is flirting with you, she wants to have sex with you, so the question that is raising is how to get out of the friendzone.

how to get out from the friendzone

Friendzone is a big problem because men usually are not too confident and they want to slow transform friend to a girl. But that is not how girls think. After the first date, she will destroy all your goals if you want to transform friend to a girl. And that is.

But the good news there are techniques that will help you get out from friend zone. So let’s start.

how to get out of the friendzone in 3 easy steps:

1.Loose connection with her

First of all, if you want to transform friend to a girl is a loose connection with her. So this does not mean you should not answer her call but just stop calling her.  She will notice that and she will try to force you to pay attention to here. But stay cool. Try to go out and have fun. Be with other girls and take photos with them. Your friend future girl will start to appreciate you. You will be the main prize. Maybe, she will lose interest in you but it is better to have sad reality then a beautiful fairytale. And if she wants to make contact with you again proceed to step 2. If not you know that she never saw you as potential sexual partner.

how to get out of the friendzone

2. Wait for her call

She will think about you in a new way. You will change 360 degrees in her eyes. You will not be a just good boy, brother, shoulder for crying. And that is what you want. The different new guy that will provide her most crazy experiences. It is better to be a jerk than some playtoy because jerks are going to sleep with some girls. It is sad truth but that is how it works. If she calls you, proceed to step 3. Nice boys are much underestimated. That is becase girls want main price and nice boys are not on the top of this list.

3. Let it be in your way

When she calls you to act like uninterested. Do not pay attention to her. If she wants to get out with her but you are lazy call her home. Do not bother about her problems. You should be alpha in every aspect of that world. She will be crazy for you. Moreover, you will be a leader in her eyes.

Ps. If you do not yet decide to take the first step do not accept or do all she says  And if she says he is a jerk. You should not say ” He is a jerk” but rather you will tell her that this is her choice. In that way, she will see that you are not her toy and you have your own opinion.


So we are hoping that we helped you. We tried to answer on the question how to get out of the friendzone in 3 easy steps. But the main thing is to divide friends and sexual partners.

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