How to give her an orgasm?

You probably already know that many women do not experience orgasm during sex, or simply fake it. True lovers can not afford this, which is also why we are revealing ways to bring your girl to orgasm. Women can experience various forms of orgasm, even a few at the same time. Of course, if they have a partner who will bring them to it. Namely, many women do not achieve orgasm for years because their spouses simply do not know how to satisfy them.

Why is orgasm so good?

Sexual stimulation is focused on neurons in the brain in such a way that it literally throws you in trans, blocking everything else, concentrating only on this feeling. So, when you experience an orgasm, you completely lose consciousness about other sounds, feelings, and smells around you. No other natural stimulation makes you concentrate solely on one feeling.

Stimulation of nerve endings in a certain way and at a certain rate, again, in rhythm, activates neurons that then synchronize. Over time, if stimulation continues, this synchronization spreads in the brain, making you more concentrated than ever. That’s exactly the key to reaching the climax – to hit a certain intensity that forces you to concentrate and start the entire mechanism that will lead to orgasm in the brain.

how to give her orgasm


Most women have some kind of complex about their appearance or psychological barriers, which is the reason why they can’t fully relax. That is why it is necessary to disarm a woman to with sincere compliments and admiration that will be directly expressed to her by words.

Also, it is necessary for the partner to listen to what kind of atmosphere it makes her feel more secure and safer. If it’s a dim light, it’s necessary to make a romantic atmosphere, and the long foreplay with many cuddling and kissing or erotic massage before making love are a great success.


Unless it is a matter of quick sex, where there is no place or time for the foreplay, in any other case it should be an inevitable part of your sex. If you want to be good foreplay begins with a look, as when you are still fully dressed. Unlike us, it takes a bit more for women to warm up. The fact is that we need a fraction of a microsecond for the same. They need a lot of compassion, some compliments, and above all, the tenderness of a man who knows how to find all her “gentle points”

how to give her an orgasm

Missionary position

According to sexual experts, women experience the most satisfaction during the missionary pose. Although there is a whole range of sex poses, according to experts, a good old missionary pose is the main favorite. Women especially love this pose because of a large dose of intimacy and feelings of a man’s body. However, in order to make the effect as complete as possible during this position, a penis entry at a right angle should be taken into account during the penetration. The penis should be set slightly in the side, which is much better than just straight because then the clitoral stimulation is stronger and achieving the orgasm will be easier

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