How to make her notice you

The question from the title is almost what every guy who once liked a girl ask to himself from time to time. In principle, it’s best to be your own, to behave well, and if you can make her smile, even better.

In order to draw her attention, many guys will start to act fake, to be too loud or to make fools of themselves with their friends. In that way, a girl will notice you, but not in a way you intended to. Instead, simply be yourself, behave normally, and if you have the confidence which can be seen on you, even better as women find it very attractive. If you do not have the confidence, try to at least act as if you are satisfied with yourself, not as someone who desperately tries to get her attention.

The fact is that every man can learn how to attract women. Because women are not against you from the start. Many even want you to come to them as much as you want them to come to you. But, they simply wait for a man to make the first step. Of course, you will also get rejected sometimes, as every man will experience that from time to time. Those who say that they have never get rejected lie. Refusal is a natural part of human interactions, but there is a way to minimize those chances.

Here are a couple of advice on how to make her notice you

How to make her notice you
Don’t chase her

Don’t chase her

If you want her to like you, you must stop chasing and approaching her at any cost. As soon as you become a little more restrained and mysterious, she will begin to hit on you on her own.

You are well aware that people who are acting too interested and openly are actually uninteresting, so do not allow yourself to become like that. After you meet her, you need to act somewhat closed and undefined, starting from dating. If you do it, she will persistently try to make you more open.

Pick a convenient place

In public places, you can meet different people. Try to choose a place where you know there will be a lot of people you want to meet. A bar is a good place to get to know people, but it’s a good chance you’ll meet a girl who has a drinking problem. An art exhibition or theater may be better options.

Seductive eye contact

Catch eye, and then try to maintain an eyesight a little longer. Raising the view is always a signal that you are interested, especially if it’s accompanied by a wide smile. If you look at her seriously, it may not be clear to her, what are you doing. A smug smile will intrigue her, but a real smile will make her come over.

If she likes you, she will constantly look at you with a very sensual and seductive look. You’ll just feel she is eating you with her look, and this is a clear sign that she likes you.

Dress well

How to make her notice you
Dress well is very important if you want she to notice you

You do not have to follow the fashion, as it is not desirable to be overdressed. It’s unnatural that you are in a café dressed in a suit during the Saturday afternoon. But you always need to be tidy, wearing clean clothes that fit you. If you are overdressed, you leave the impression of a desperate guy. If you are extremely underdressed, you seem like a lazy, messy and immature person. Find the right measure, try out a few variants and decide what you look like in yourself, and what makes you comfortable, and stick with these dress combinations.

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