How to stop hair loss

Men’s hair loss can greatly affect their self-esteem. It is both possible to regain self-confidence and hair growth.

If thinning begins to occur shortly after puberty, this phenomenon can indeed affect masculinity and self-esteem.

Hair loss can affect your scalp as well as your entire body. This early hair loss in men in the first place is a hereditary factor, it can further be the cause of hormonal changes, certain medical conditions or medications that you consume. Hair loss in men is much more common than in women.

Hair loss at the apex occurs first, and can then be spread throughout the head. What men do initially is to conceal their appearance. At first, you may find that this is not a problem, how some current phase, how it will go, that seasonal hair loss is at stake and the like.

Well in this regard, men conceal the first signs of hair loss. So you will usually see men with a cap, some beanie, hat or even a headscarf, depending on the fashion they follow.

When you become aware of the gravity of the situation, you start looking for a solution. First of all, good advice is to talk to your doctor, whether it is necessary to go for a drastic treatment, a hair transplant or your hair loss can be resolved with some of the hair regeneration and growth shampoos.

 In any case, it is always a better solution to avoid a knife, so there are shampoos that solve this problem in men. There are other treatments available to prevent further hair loss and restore growth.

How to stop hair loss?

It’s difficult to prevent the impact of genes, but if you start proper hair care on time and embrace a healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to keep your hair on your head.

When it comes to non-genetic conditions, then preventing any cause means preventing hair loss. Experts around the world have been studying this problem for years, but in short, their tips on how to prevent baldness can be summarized as follows:

Change your diet

This will preserve your health, and you know that some health problems may cause hair loss. Include iron-rich foods in your diet, as anemia can cause hair loss. Proteins that are the building block of hair are also very important. Vitamin B is essential for hair growth as well as omega 3 fatty acids. The foods you should include more in your diet are fish, green vegetables, nuts.

Take care of the composition of shampoos and hair preparations

Avoid chemicals, parabens, sulfates, as well as styling with hair oils that are not 100% natural because they contain petroleum-based substances. These products have a bad effect on the skin, create dandruff or excess sebum, they clog pores and directly interfere with the growth of new hair. Hair loss shampoos are best when they are natural.

Do a fungal culture test on your hair

Fungi, like bacteria, are micro-organisms that live in symbiosis with us, but sometimes there are too many of them on the skin and hair and this can lead to a fungal disease. Try natural oils that have antifungal properties such as coconut or burdock oil. From shampoos, choose the ones that have piroctone olamine that works great against fungi.

hair loss

Use biotin

Although it may not help to grow the hair, it can prevent it from falling out. Biotin strengthens the hair structure. When it is not thin and prone to cracking, it will tend to stay on the head.

Protect your hair from the sun

Sun rays in the summer can be quite cruel to your hair, so always protect it with a hat, bandana and do not expose your head to direct sunlight.

Quit smoking

There are absolutely no health benefits of smoking, and it causes millions of bad consequences. Hair loss is one of them.

Make sure you are missing vitamin D3 as well

Studies have shown that people who have problems with alopecia areata, which is an autoimmune disease, have a deficiency in this vitamin.

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