So many of us approached us by the question of how to apply titan gel?

To start, I must admit that it is the big misperception of how to use titan gel. You need to use things properly if you want them to work for you. However, many times we are not sure how we should apply gels, oils, creams. We think we know but indeed we do not know. Many patients are having questions regarding this topic. How long should I use this product? How I use this product? When I use this product? And many other. We will try to answer these questions and help you better understand this product. So let’s start.

how to use titan gel
Step by step explanation by pharma expert

How to use titan gel?

  1. Wash your penis
  2. Apply the small amounts on the penis skin
  3. Massage your penis with this gel
  4. Wait a few minutes until it is absorbed
  5. Wash the penis after 10 minutes

You should apply titan gel twice a day(on the mornings and on evenings). Put on the gel in small quantities on the whole penis which is clean and well washed. You should wait until it is absorbed. Because it is gel it is fast absorbed. Usually, it takes a couple of minutes. After one month you should find the difference in length of your penis. You should use it continuously because herbal ingredients that feed the tissue only work if you use it in the proper way. You can stop using it whenever you are satisfied with your length.

But I must underline this maximum growth even on the best occasions are 5cm. Many people do not achieve growth more of 4 cms no matter how long they use titan gel. When you spot that titan gel does not work anymore you should stop using it. Effects will last so do not worry.

Titan gel, use in need?

I underlined that you need to use it continuously if you want to grow your penis. Because that is how titan gel works.  It may work for you to help you gain harder erection, but fortget about grow. Moreover herbs are feeding cells in sponge tissue, stimulating them to duplicate which results in grow. Growing is natural process as you can see from mechanism of growing and what is more important growing will last long.

Although titan gel is used locally, some effects may affect your body systematically you should advise the doctor If you:

    • You have trouble with hearth, hypertension, blood vessels
    • Viagra and other stimulants for microcirculation can possibly react with titan gel resulting in the hearth problems
    • If you have the problem with the skin you should ask your doctor
    • If you spot any problems during using titan gel you should stop using it and ask the doctor for advice
    • If you allergic to any component of titan gel you should ask your doctor
    • If you have any type of problem with your penis, you should consult your doctor if you are older we advise you to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to use titan gel without problems.

Titan gel is a great product enabling you to become alpha in bed.

Surely its results are not permanent but we advise you to be patient and good outcomes are waiting for you. For you, it is very important to get you original titan gel 

Titan gel bring happiness

I got the question from one of my clients:

I got the problem with my hearth. It is born disorder, should I use titan gel?

Ok, I said look titan gel contains some ingredients herb ingredients that are active and can cause your problem even when it is born disorder. You should visit your doctor and ask him. Maybe you use it locally but consequences can be systematic.

Titan gel contains materials that are enabling this product to use it easy. The gel is very soft and contains mainly water. It has cold properties. Active ingredients are incorporated in this gel which enables them fast release.

Apply titan gel twice a day and be disciplined.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, titan gel will not solve these problems. Because it is not medicine, it is the supplement. It may help but it is not the long-term solution. You should subscribe to find out what are natural cures for these problems. But I would advise visiting doctor if your problem does not solve by natural means.

Or read doctor and patient reviews. Doctors will explain to you what problems they saw during their work and what solutions they gave to their patients. And patients will explain their experiences with this product.

If you still do not know how to use titan gel send us the email( and we will explain to you how to use titan gel. If you have any other question be free to contact us and if you want some good tips and consultations to subscribe and send us the e-mail.

Want to hear more of you.

Do not use this gel more than twice a day!!!!

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