How women manipulate men

One of the skilled women’s weapons in the relationship is manipulation, in which they are often very skilled. These are some of the ways women manipulate men.

Treating you like you’re a kid

It’s not that some of the men sometimes don’t act like children, but … When a woman treats her partner as if he is seven years old, it can be a result of some of her frustration, and it may be that she just wants to reach her goal.

If, for example, she does not entrust a partner with jobs such as going grocery shopping or something, it’s not because he can’t do it. She just wants the obligations fulfilled exactly as she imagined.

In any case, if the woman is often in the “Oh, I’ll do it” phase, she tries to control her partner by making him feel quite worthless and incapable.

Becoming silent

When a man is upset or annoyed, he will simply say it. We may yell, rage, but women will know exactly how we feel at that moment.

Women play another game. They take a different approach – they are silent. And with their silence, they force their partners to “shuffle” everything they ever did that could put her in that state.

Men then think of everything: does she want me to admit that I am wrong, to change my shirt, or leave her alone …?

By refusing to express their desires, needs, or concerns, they put the man in a state of “I’ll do whatever you want, just talk more!”

This kind of behavior sometimes has an effect, we admit, but this is a thing that smart women do not do:

1) Because it is childish.

2) Because they know that problems are being solved by talking.


It can be a powerful tool in manipulating the male gender, and unfortunately for us, it works unexpectedly well.

If you are wondering why we fall for a few nice words so much it’s because we all like to be praised, and let’s be realistic, men rarely get compliments.

So when a woman comes in and says, “I don’t really understand technology, but you ‘dominate’ that field, so can you fix this on my computer?”.

Maybe the compliment is sometimes honest, maybe she really doesn’t understand something, but sometimes this flattery is just a way for partners to do what they hate to do.

This is not what smart ladies do either, should I say?

Comparing you with others

A classic strategy used by parents that is unimaginably effective in male-female relationships. Once your mom used to say to you, “Look how the boy behaves there,” and now your partner will use similar words to make you do something.

“Steve (or whoever) goes to the gym five times a week, loves it and never complains.”

Women use this type of manipulation when they are unhappy with some aspect of their partner’s life, and so they openly point out to him that there is someone better, embarrassing and “shaming” his ego.

Women hope that this will make the man better, work harder.

How to deal with female manipulation?

Be Yourself – If you have the desire to watch something other than a romantic comedy, do so. She can join you, if not, then watch for yourself. Show that you have your attitude.

Don’t be a financier – You don’t have to pay the bill every time, especially if you’re with her friends.

Set limits – Set boundaries below which you will not go, all things you will not tolerate, and make it clear to her.

Play and be prepared to lose – When you start acting differently, a woman is likely to respond by denying sex, maybe crying, yelling, and so on. Do not let all this disturb you in your decision.

Turn around and go – If none of the above has worked, just go.

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