Improve your beard growth

Men usually want to achieve their goals overnight, but the faster growth of beard somehow happens out of control. Many suffer because their masculine reflection on their face grows slowly or poorly, so we bring you few tricks for thicker and quick beard growth.

The thick and firm beard in men has always been a symbol of power in many cultures around the world. Unfortunately, growing a high-quality beard is not so easily done, especially because the growth of beard depends to a large extent on genetics and levels of testosterone. However, it is possible to take some steps in beard growth improvement


improve your beard  growth

Watch your health

Take care of your health. A sufficient or increased intake of essential vitamins and minerals will positively affect the growth of the beard and the health of the hair. Try to keep your diet versatile, as you will thus get enough nutrients and maintain your general health.

Let your diet be based on the intake of foods rich in vitamins A, B3, B5, B6 and B12, C, E. Take biotin daily as a supplement to your diet. Consume lots of protein and foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Have enough sleep

Make sure you have enough sleep every night. The body needs a dream to refresh and regenerate.

If you have insufficient sleep, it will also affect the growth of hair, and it is possible that their structure will be weaker. For the normal functioning of an organism, an average man should sleep between seven and nine hours a day.

beard growth

Keep your face fresh and clean

Dirt, grease and other impurities may interfere with the growth of the facial hair. It is therefore important that your face is clean and fresh. Any hydrating cream you apply once a day can be quite enough. Although this routine is not very specific to men, the idea is to keep the whole skin of the face healthy to boost the growth of the beard on it.

Manage stress

Hair growth can get slowed down by stress. Learn how to deal with stressful situations and try to avoid them. Learn the techniques of proper breathing, meditation, practicing yoga or simply walking in nature.

Start exercising

Exercise is good for maintaining health, mental and physical. It increases blood circulation throughout the body. While exercising, circulation is also enhanced in the face. Therefore, more blood supplies the root of the hair and thus stimulates the growth of the beard.

Drink water

You need to drink plenty of water in order to maintain the balance of water and body salt. Otherwise, the body starts faltering, and there are problems with metabolism, so the metabolism waste is excreted slowly. Approximately 2.5 liters of pure water is the norm for an average person. The liquid must be clean, not coffee, not juice, not tea, but only water. It will fill the lack of water and will not overcome the body with excess sugar and calories.

Face massage

You can massage your beard regularly. And if you have time, it’s better to massage your face with cold hands. Circular movements, like rubbing and improving blood circulation, lead to an increase in facial hair growth.

Stop smoking

If you want to make your chin grow faster and completely natural, you should give up smoking. When you smoke cigarettes, you intake nicotine that makes it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, including the ones necessary for hair growth. In addition to that, nicotine is also responsible for narrowing of blood vessels, leading to poor blood circulation, which again makes facial hair to grow slower.

Leave your beard alone

Every man wearing a beard knows that it is not easy to resist the temptation to chip it from time to time. Instead, it is recommended that you simply allow the beard to stand still and to grow uninterruptedly for the first few days or weeks. You need to shape your beard when it grows to the length that you want. But if your beard grows very slowly, it means that at least 4-6 weeks you should not be touching it. If you feel itchy in the area of the beard due to the sharpness of the hair, try some cream that will help you relieve itching.

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