When did you lost your virginity?

Today we are talking about the age of average men vs women lose the virginity. A very interesting topic to many of us to talk about. Before the research, we assume that women were older when they had their first sexual experience. So let’s find out what people say about this. We interviewed totally random people on the streets to see what they think about this topic. We will rewrite about the most interesting on our answers lists that people on the streets gave us.

lose the virginity

The point of this research is to see what is to confirm the results of earlier researches of when women and men on average lose their virgnity.

Interviewer: Hi, do you have a minute to answer the question.

Women no1: Yes sure, fire.

Interviewer: This question is a little inconvenient and I will understand if you do not answer. When did you lose your virginity?

Women no1. Hmmm, it was like I was fifteen and I had my boyfriend at the time. We decided to try this after 1 year of our relationship. It was in the same time awful and beautiful. However third and other times were much better.

Interviewer: Thank you for the answer.

lose the virginity

Nice answer it was what we looking for. This result was among the earlier results of other research that conclusion was that around 70% of girls lose the virginity under their 18th birthday. So we will proceed to the second person.

Interviewer: Hi. we are doing a survey and we will need your help to solve the puzzle.

Men no1. : Hi sure what is about?

Interviewer: Ok, when did you lose the virginity?

Men no1.  Hhahahahaha who says I already lost it. Just kidding. It was like with my friend and we were both drunk. I was 17. and she was 16. and it was good from my point of view.

Interviewer: Thank you

Nice one.

Interviewer: Hi, I have a question for you. When did you lose virginity?

Women no2. Well, I was pretty shy in high school. Boys did not pick up me and i was a little bit sad about that. But that all changed when i went to the college. I was like a sexual machine at one time. Moreover, I was changing boys a lot. However, now i have a stable relationship. So now would say that i lose virginity at age 20.

Interviewer: Thank you

This one we did not expect and it is generally out of the schema that is earlier made. However, sometimes it is not about the age. We are here to calculate average so maximum and minimum are very variable. The maximum we get from the survey I would say is 24 years which is totally ok. However we did not get answer especially from women that they secure their virginity before marriage, That is interesting because in some cultures it is common that women are virgins before marriage.

Men are usually losing their virginity on average in 16.3. years, while women are around 17.5. However, this varies from country to country. The Brazilians are youngest and the people from Malaysia are the oldest when it comes to losing virginity

What do you think about this survey? If you have any other opinion do not hesitate to contact us for the sharing your opinion.

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