Media influence on male-female relationships

We almost can’t imagine a modern society without the media, as they have become an integral part of everyday life. It is unthinkable for people nowadays to function without the huge inflow of information that media offer. The reflection of their expansion and influence on society is enormous and with a tendency towards an even greater increase.

male female relationship


The most widespread stereotype about women in the world is that they have to be more beautiful than men. The deal woman in media is a young and beautiful woman with a rich and successful man. So when an unattractive man is married to feminine and attractive women, he is perceived as successful man, but when an unattractive woman is married to an attractive guy, it has nothing to do with her success.

Women often have a problem if they are ambitious, trying to reach goals with non-sexual means, they can be seen as masculine and with an inferiority complex. Media incline that woman’s power comes from her charm and femininity, so if she isn’t sexually attractive she can’t achieve her goals, regardless of her ability and education. Furthermore, women invest more time and money on their body than on their internal growth.

So this approach creates a trap for women as many of them just accept the standards imposed on them by the media, to treat their body over her inner growth, spending a lot of time and energy on physical appearance, constantly seeking a confirmation of their beauty rather than focusing on their abilities and personality despite their desire to be free and independent.

Media put strong pressure on young people, especially young girls, suggesting to them that physical appearance is a priority.

male female relationship


The most common impression of men in the media is like they have to be serious, active. And like they are always dealing with quite complicated things. It’s like an ideal that everyone wants to accomplish, but in real life, things are not that easy. Like we know, men are just human normal human beings, who have their weaknesses, limitations, and the feeling of great pressure due to the expectations and criteria set before them.

One oh the toughest things that a modern man has to endure is the insecurity in his gender role, as many many different social roles are now available to the opposite sex. Also, prejudices about social roles such as man shouldn’t do any housework or even babysit their own children still exist and are making things even worse.

When it comes to socially empowered women, some men can feel a need to compete and prove himself to her, constantly being in a fear of losing. He feels that he can lose his dominant sex social role. All of that can affect his sexual power or adequacy, leading to loss of libido.

Ideal partner

People often get disappointed by the difference between expectations and possibilities in the search for an ideal partner who, in addition to the perfect physical appearance, should satisfy desirable personalities and social skills. In search of idealized images, they allow realistically accessible, possible partners and opportunities to be missed, due to the belief that we have unlimited choices.

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