7 natural aphrodisiacs to use before sex – easy and fast

Men will be always men. They want simply to be alpha in every situation. Their power is directly correlated with their libido and sexual power. Because of that great attention is paid to things that can boost this process. Men use aphrodisiacs to get what they want. Aphrodisiacs are very important because they contain micro and macro elements that can really save men in some situations. So we are presenting you 7 natural aphrodisiacs that we really recommend to use if you want to see differences in your sexual life. We will not repeat the food that we already mentioned.

natural aphrodisiacs


Garlic or Allium sativum in Latin is as you already know is very important plant for us. It affects the immune system and our cardiovascular system in a very positive way. However, did you know that old Egyptians used onion to boost their libido?

I did not know that. and I assume you did not know that. Garlic is entering the group of superfood that really can cure erectile dysfunction. That is the consequence of allicin, a substance found in the onion that really dilatates the vessels of the penis improving sexual life. You will have longer sexual pleasure with onion.


Avocado is fruit in South America, but today you can find avocado in all markets all around the world. Fun fact: Among the tribes of Peru, the avocado tree has a name testicle tree. That is because tribes connected shape fruits of the avocado tree with male testis. Sounds interesting. However, later church found the effects of avocado and strictly prohibited the use of avocado because it boosts sexual desire. Avocado contains a great quantity of vitamin E that protects blood vessels of the penis, protecting your penis from everyday reality.

natural aphrodisiacs 


Celery is well known among the people all around the world as a libido booster. Moreover, celery contains phytohormones that are structurally very similar to men hormones. That hormone is androsterone. Men usually release this hormone when they sweet and it stimulates women. However, you should know that celery can trigger a most severe allergic reaction. But there is also some cool effects of celery and that is fat burn.

natural aphrodisiacs 


Eggs are part of nutrition of all of us. As we mentioned earlier about the zinc that is found in peanuts zinc plays a great role in sexual life. Beside this egg yolks contains a great amount of folic acid, B6, B12 and other very important vitamins that can really help you in your sexual life. However, the most important thing is that it releases histamine releasing factors which is very important because histamine dilatate your penis blood vessels improving flow and hardening erection. Moreover, eggs contain two essential amino acids. However, men who say you should use eggs as an aphrodisiac say that you should limit your intake to 2-3 eggs a day.

natural aphrodisiacs 

5. Asparagus

Asparagus it looks like a penis, however, it really works as the first-class aphrodisiac. That it is because it contains asparigine amino acid that improves circulation to your penis. Moreover, they are rich in vitamin E that helps you with protection which we said earlier. has protection role.

natural aphrodisiacs 

6. Figs

Figs are from the past known for its shape as a primarily aphrodisiac. Cleopatra liked this fruit and for Greeks, it is saint fruit that symbolises fertility. They contain a lot of amino acids that naturally boost libido. People always linked this fruit with sexual activity that helps them to realise their full potential.

natural aphrodisiacs 

7. Chilli

Chilli contains natural substances that can really fast and in a short time release a lot of endorphins. Endorphine makes you really euphoric and can really help you achieve a better sexual life. In the past when there was no viagra, people used chilli as a natural cure for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, it makes your metabolism works faster.

These list of natural aphrodisiacs can be much longer. Here are some honourable mentions:chocolate, caviar, wasabi, watermelon, vanilla oil for massage and other. Guys eating this food is not only good for your sexual life, it is good for your whole body. Try this food and enjoy the positive effects that this food brings.

Once you try these natural aphrodisiacs you will never stop using it.

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