Peanuts for better sex

Why we and many other people use peanuts for better sex?

Did you hear that somebody is saying that peanut actually helped him to be better in bad.? From my personal experience, i can tell that it is the truth. For over month I have been eating peanuts to see what effects are? And what I realised is that really helped me in a way that it increased my stamina and my erection was harder. And that is really what girls can talk about using peanuts for better sex. So what is the secret of this seed?

Why we use peanuts for better sex?


Let’s see from a medical perspective:


First of all, they are full of energy.and they give us that energy. Moreover the first effect you will notice that your sex has become much longer and you turn yourself into the beast. That is because they are full of good fats, that usually when taken in normal ranges do not damage your body.

Vitamin E

Second, it is a natural source of vitamin e. Vitamin e is a very important antioxidant which the main goal is to tackle free radicals. Free radicals are bad particles which damage the whole body circulation including penis circulation.


Moreover, it contains one mineral that is very important to our body and that is Zinc. Zinc is very important to fertility.because zinc stimulates the production of the sperm including its mobility. So with Zinc, your sperm will be much healthier. Next one is very important.


Peanuts are a rich source of an amino acid called L-arginine. You may ask yourself because you heard a lot of times about L-arginine, why L-arginine is so important. But the reason is simple. L-arginine acts as a natural source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is one of the most famous relaxants in of our blood vessels.  That produces the effect of the bigger flow of blood of your penis during the sex. That means you have a bigger erection.You will never say that your sexual life is boring if you are eating peanuts.

peanuts for better sex


So the next question is how may peanuts you should eat to improve sexual life?

Because it is full of fats you should limit your intake. Doctors suggest eating two-thirds of a handful.. However, you can combine peanuts with almonds or any other types of nuts.

Problems with allergy

But next thing that is warning when it comes to peanuts is an allergy. Nowadays many people are allergic to peanuts. So be careful with that. Nowadays peanut butter is very popular. It is shown that peanut butter increases stamina and libido even more than raw or roasted peanuts. There are more benefits from that. You can lose weight, build muscle and much more. As a pharmacist, I would suggest eating peanuts on daily basis.

You should try to eat peanuts for better sex like 2-3h before sex you won’t be disappointed.

Of course, there are also fruits that are very similar to peanuts like almonds, nuts. They naturally contain a large portion of vitamin B which is enabling our bodies to synthesise testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone and it is directly linked to sexual performance.

Why is a mix of beer and peanuts good for your health?

Beer is a part of everyday life. It is a cure for many things. First of all, it is good for thirst, contains large portions of vitamin B. And the mix of peanuts and beer is tasting good. However, did you know that beer can also improve your sexual performance? To be honest i did not know that but it has sense. No, I am not talking about alcohol and relaxation it gives. I am talking about little substances called phytoestrogens that can really help you delay your orgasms.

Problems with salt?

Nowadays many commercial packages of peanuts contain a large quantity of salt. That is because it is making peanuts tastier. However, you should be warned that too much salt can really damage your body. I would advise eating raw peanuts without any additional salt. You will have greater of vitamins in raw peanuts.

So as you can see from the previous text you should eat peanuts for better sex.

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