Penis enlargement surgery

PDissatisfaction with intimate areas often creates problems of self-confidence in men. The reasons for turning to penis enlargement surgery are different, ranging from individual physiological differences to health problems that can affect physical intimate issues with a partner.

The statistical data on how many men on the planet, to some extent, are dissatisfied with their full body, whether it is aesthetic appearance or functional condition is somehow vague. However, there are unofficial data that say almost 1/3 of men are concerned. When the dissatisfaction is at the heart of the problem with the length or girth of the sexual organ, the aesthetic surgeon will most likely be able to deal with the problem.

It is believed that the normal length of the penis in erection is between 12 and 18 cm. A penis smaller than 9.5 cm in length is considered a small penis, and less than 2 cm is micropenis. There are men who are dissatisfied with the shape of their penis, for subjective reasons, or because of objective damage to the glans of the penis.

penis enlargement surgery

Enlargement of the penis

When we say “enlargement of the penis”, this intervention involves an increase in length, volume (thickness), or a combination of length and volume increase (thickness). With this procedure, the erectile function of the penis cannot be changed.

The penis can be extended by surgery using an implant, or thickness can be increased using silicone or fatty tissue. How to extend a penis? The penis moves from its root to the anus another 4 to 5 centimeters. By using a surgical procedure, that part that can not be seen is prolonged.

Increasing the penis, its girth and length is also performed using your own fatty tissue. Penis enlargement using this method is 2cm. If the ligaments are further freed under the pubic bone, the penis can be enlarged by an additional 2 to 3 centimeters.

Liposuction, ligamentolysis, and lipofilling

This method consists of three interventions that complement one another. Liposuction and the collection of fat cells are carried out through the pubic region. Through the same cutting as for circumcision, the skin is separated from the penis and the ligaments under the pubic bone are resected. By creating a special subcutaneous lobe and fixing it to the place of the resected suspension ligament, it is prevented from re-forming. After restoring and fixing the skin lipofilling is performed injecting the previously prepared fat cells under the skin. The fat is injected into many smaller tunnels, which should improve its survival after transplantation. The region from which transplantation fat is taken does not affect the durability of the results. The result is a much longer and thicker penis that looks natural.

Penis fillers

Unlike the method of enlarging the penis using fat cells where the survival of the same is the limiting factor, the method of thickening the penis by the filers allows the maximum thickening for how much penile skin permits. This is a simple surgical procedure that is mainly performed in local anesthesia. In this way, the thickness of a penis could be increased for two to three times. In conditions of local or anesthesia block, artificial erection is induced by injection of PGE1. Using a special type of cannula, between 20 and 60 ml of dermal filler could be injected, mainly on the sides of the penis, to get as much as possible in its width. With this method, the penis looks more powerful than you really get to the extent.

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