Sex after the age of 50

Body changes after the age of 50

As you age, your body goes through constant changes. Some are tiny and irrelevant, while some are large and can have a lot of impact on your body. During the lifetime, the biggest change occurs in puberty, but when men are 50 years old, the so-called middle-aged crisis begins, where a person is once again undergoing major changes in the body. Some of the major changes include:

Limits in muscle tissue

A man in the 50s could hardly be powerful and moving like a man in the 20’s or 30’s. Muscles lose their elasticity and become limited and firm. This means that they can not be activated and properly developed, and that is why middle-aged men do not have the strength as before. Of course, if you like sports and physical activity, you can still manage it, but now you need to devote more attention to stretching, in order to avoid injuries.

A decrease in body water percentage

When you are born, the percentage of water in your body is 75%, but when you exceed 50 years, the water in your body drops to around 50%. It is therefore very important to drink plenty of water and to hydrate your body.

A decrease in testosterone levels

The synthesis and release of male hormones are beginning to stop and testosterone levels fall in your body. This has the biggest impact on your sex life, so men in these years begin to notice the first problems with potency and sexual drive.

Sex is very healthy for most people after the age of 50 because it accelerates metabolism, reduces stress, improves heart rate, strengthens bones, muscles and improves the immune system.

How to improve your sexual experience

Break the routine

After several years with the same partner, sex can become less interesting. If you’ve been sleeping with the same person for decades, it can be very difficult to introduce some innovations into your sex life. That’s why many couples after the age of 50, simply surrender to life without sex. At least with your partner. The fact that sex has become boring is no reason for not refreshing it. Small changes, such as sexy clothes, new poses are more than enough.

Speak to each other

If you are over fifty, and you still do not know how to express yourself verbally and say what you expect from a partner in bed, then it’s really time for you to let your voice. For good sex, as well as for every relationship, the key to success is communication. Honest, open conversation, without forbidden topics is the only way to figure out what your partner wants and what you want.

Get out of your bedroom

The benefit of life after the fifties is that you are restricted and that your children are probably gone from your house and have their own flats. However, if your children still live with you, you can always catch a break, for at least ten days a year when they’re on spring break, vacation, or business trip. Then you can use your loneliness and make love with your partner outside the bedroom. Get away from the bed and check out each corner of the house.

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