First of all, we need to introduce ourselves to see that we are not like the others sellers. We are healthcare professionals who have the knowledge to understand pharma products like titan gel. Three years we have been investigating titan gel. Moreover, we compared to side effects of titan gel from the manufacturer certificates and cases from our valuable customers asking them to share their opinion of titan gel. So we will try to explain what are the side effects and why are they happening.

side effects of titan gel
we are currently testing titan gel

Titan gel side effects :

  1.  Local irritation 
  2. Itching
  3. Redness on the spot of use
  4. Cardiovascular problems – rare
  5. Allergies – rare

First, let’s start with local side effects of titan gel. Titan gel is generally good to tolerate. However, if there are signs of hypersensitivity you should stop using titan gel. Local effects include itching, pain among 1% of patients, redness. If you experience this conditions you should use it one or two days more. If they do not disappear you should stop using it.In some cases, your penis becomes softer, but that is rare. Moreover, you should use it on the washed penis because some new effects because some bacteria can interact with components of titan gel. In any case, you spot the side effects besides of this please inform us so we can inform the manufacturer.

If you are allergic to some components of titan gel we suggest not using this product or asking your doctor. There are some allergic effects of extracts of herb that can cause you to rush on the whole body. If you have some chronic disease you should advise your doctor before using titan gel. This is mainly the case of cardiovascular diseases. Because some herbal components can dilate your vessels. That has an impact on your hearth and your whole body. However, in clinical trials on titan gel effects on the whole body discovered that titan gel has a small systematic impact. You only use it in thin layers. There is no need to fill it up and to use it more than twice a day.

Do not use it more than it is prescribed!!!!

Some components can interfere with your cardiovascular condition so we advise asking doctor before using titan gel.

Although this product is all natural herbs does have some properties that may cause problems. The main advantage of titan gel that unlike other products that are used orally titan gel is used locally. Side effects of titan gel are mainly local whereas other products for enlargement produce systematic effects. So it is safer to use this product than other products for enlargement.

These herbs feed sponge tissue of your penis.

side effects of titan gel
anatomy of the penis and where you should expect the effect of titan gel

Titan gel does not affect your partner if you use it before sex

That is because titan gel is fast absorbed and usually you can have sex after 15-20 minutes of using titan gel.

So you need to use it continuously for 1 month to see the anatomic difference that includes growing in length and width. This gel does not work if you are using it only when you need it.

Most of our clients are using it right before sex. Although, this kind of usage can prolong intercourse growth will never be achieved, but they can achieve better erection. 

Be aware of the products that are not original

They are not clinically tested and they do not affect nor save.

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