Signs that our partner is cheating on us

We can almost always feel when something in the relationship is not right, because suddenly everything is different. Revealing cheating has never been easier. Nowadays, we have messages, e-mails and social networks that can be always checked. However, in addition to electronic checking, if a person keeps an eye on every detail and skillfully avoids, check these, not so obvious signs that you might find out if your partner  has an affair. These universal signs reveal the behavior of an average cheater, so if you have any doubts – pay attention to them.

1. Frequently changing passwords

In case you notice that your partner often changes passwords on his mobile phone, email or social networks he is very likely hiding something.

2. The look of the social network

 The average cheater will try to make his profile on any social network more than single. Hiding photos with you is a bad sign.

3. Messages or phone calls

This is the most obvious signal that something very suspicious happens. If your partner suddenly leaves from the room to respond to a call, or acts incredibly nervous while writing a message, something definitely is wrong. Also, if your partner never locked the phone, and now suddenly started, it’s time to explore a bit more about what’s in the phone. If partner does not allow you to hold his phone for a few minutes and grab it back, it’s not because the partner wants to surprise you, that’s for sure!

4. Changing everyday habits

If your partner did come home regularly after work and had a habit of drinking coffee with you, and now avoids communication with you, something is wrong.

5. Cleaned “history” on a computer

If partner regularly cleans “history” on a computer or laptop, it is for security reasons – because it is way  to hide tracks.

6.Feeling  “young and crazy”


“We will go to the bar tonight and we’ll party like teenagers!”, partner suggests atypically and enthusiastically. If partner did not say anything like this since graduating, there is a problem. It’s no secret that people with affair feel younger and more impulsive.

7. It’s a bit nervous

Through affairs, many people go through phases of depression and anxiety, because of the stress they have to deal. Symptoms like insomnia, lack of interest in eating and nervousness are visible.

8. Giving you gifts very often

Many cheaters will try to hide from the partner what they are doing. If suddenly he starts to bring flowers like Valentine’s Day or your birthday, but before he was not such a generous guy, ask yourself what might be behind all this.

9. Make you feel guilty for everything

If your partner criticizes you and makes you feel worthless, partner justifies cheating. When everything is said and done, and you find out that partner has been cheated all the time, your mind will come back to this stage, where partner made you feel so low and useless that you actually blamed yourself sometimes.

10. New words

If suddenly, your partner start often using some new words or phrases that  partner never used before, and moreover, he has not changed a job or a best friend, worry. If you have noticed that your partner has “enriched” his vocabulary with new phrases, then be sure that he definitely takes note of what others say …

If there are four or more signs of these, something strange is happening. Of course, we will not say that your dear 100 percent surely cheats on you, but there is possibility. Be careful not to accuse him of being unfaithful before you check everything. First of all, try to talk to him and understand what is happening, and where is a problem, try to work on it and save your relationship.

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