Skin care for men

All men want to look good and for this reason, skin care is very important. But no one wants to spend more time than necessary every morning. Life is too short, and we spend too much time on unnecessary little things.

Difference between male and female skin

Male and female skin are separated by physiological processes based on hormonal status. Testosterone in higher percentages is the one that determines the male characteristics, making the skin structure different in relation to the female. Men’s facial care differs from care in women and the knowledge of these differences increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the preparation.

What are the main differences?

Density – Male skin is about 20% denser than female. It contains more collagen and elastin fibers that are proportionately reduced over the years. Women’s skin drastically thins after menopause.

Fat – Men have more sebaceous glands and pores compared to those of more beautiful sex. Sebum is produced on the male face almost twice as much as on a female.

Aging – The first signs of aging are visible in men after the year of 30, which is later than in women. Although it is a comforting fact for men to take more time for the development of wrinkles, once they appear, wrinkles are more pronounced than on a woman’s face.

Folliculitis – The growth of hair under the skin is the nightmare of every man. From the initial stage, it easily turns into an unpleasant inflammation.

Shaving – While women do not have this care, in men with frequent irritation of the face skin, a hydrolysis film is broken – natural skin protection is lost, which facilitates the growth of pathogenic germs.

skin care for men

Shaving after showering

The routine of morning wash, washing of teeth and hands is kind of always pleasant to us before relaxing under the warm shower. But when shaving after showering, you will avoid unwanted skin irritation. Hot water and vapors open the pores on the face and the skin is softer, which allows you to more precise and easier shave as well as reduced risk of cuts and irritation.


Skin hydration is not only important for men with dry skin. Peeling, cleansing, and shaving can dry out the skin, so it is important to ensure a sufficient amount of moisture. And there are adequate preparations for men who have a formula for protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Avoid soap

Soap can make your skin dry, so it is not good for face washing. Instead, you can use various products intended for that purpose. Men with a great tan, in fact, use those.

Pimples and cotton pads

An uninvited guest always appears when we least expect it. A pimple before an important meeting or long-awaited evening out represents a nightmare to everyone. Resolve it by using two cotton pads instead of your fingers, gently releasing the content of pimple. This prevents the spread of bacteria because the fingers do not come in direct contact with the skin, and there is also a less chance to leave traces of your own nails on the face.

Anti-aging creams

After the age of 40, the signs of aging in the male population are especially visible on the cheeks and forehead. Anti-age creams are an ideal choice for men who strive for optimal care in the middle ages. Formulations enriched with natural, active ingredients such as creatine, caffeine and hyaluronic acid are fighting visible signs of aging, while they are making facial care for men simple and accessible to everyone.

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