Have you ever had unprotected sex?

Today we will be talking about unprotected sex. Have you ever had one? Have you thought about unprotected sex risks?

unprotected sex risks

1.Risk of pregnancy

Do not get us wrong having the baby is the greatest thing you can have but only when you are ready. If it is the one-night stand, or you think you are not ready, you should always use protection. There are many ways for protection but condoms are far the best. First they are absolutely safe and on the other hand, it is very effective. However, there are two others techniques: contraceptives and pulling out before ejaculation. Contraceptives are effective but they have side effects. Do not miss the dose of contraceptives. However if you do not use it, but still you have unprotected sex you can use the contraceptives for the day after. Their effect is usually under 72h. So if you use it after it will not help. But other unprotected sex risks are still here?

2. Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This disease is transmitted from one person to other by sexual intercourse. Bacteria, parasites, yeast and viruses cause STDs. The most common types are:

You should visit doctors if you suspect you have one. These conditions are dangerous and treatment usually involves antibiotics. First symptoms are usually itching, redness, patches. You should stop having sex for safety reason for you and your partner.

3.Pulling out before ejaculation

Although it is safe it is not the wise idea. Why? Because penis can always empty some sperm and it can lead to pregnancy. This method is used by many people and it is mostly the reason for further headaches. You mostly like would not notice that but for nine months you will see. But, many will say i have two sex a day and i need to spend a lot of money to be protected.

But think about risks!!!!!

This blog is made to encourage you to think twice before having sex without protection. If you think there is no doubt you are in wrong.

Statistics say that a lot of young people are having sex without protection. That number can go up to 75% all sexual intercourses are without protection. That is big public health problem, because unwanted pregnancies and sex transmited diseases are increasing. We must all think twice before we do something.

So we wanted to interview young people to find out what they think and have they experienced unprotected sex.

Me: Hi, I have the question for you, Today we are investigating protected vs unprotected sex. What is your opinion about that and have you ever have unprotected sex?

Participant: Yes, of course, I had unprotected sex. Moreover, I can say that I had much more unprotected sex. I think that unprotected sex is ok when you are in the relationship but I would watch if the person is totally unknown.

Me: How do you protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy?

Participant: I usually pull out. I know it is not safe but feeling without condoms is much better. It is in some way natural and girls told me the same.

Me: Do you have fear of sexually transmitted diseases and unprotected sex risks?

Participant: Well usually  I would say no, but sometimes I do. I know it is dangerous, but i am hoping that i will not get one. My deepest fear is HIV because it is incurable. But it is rare.

Me: Thank, you.

Participant: You are welcome.

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