What do women want in bed

A taboo topic in bed should not exist. Especially if trust, respect, and love are shared among partners. Still, there are some things in the sex that women want, but the fear or shame don’t let them to be honest with their partners. It is time to change that, so here are a few tips to talk about this tricky topic and, finally, enjoy mutual pleasure.

She wants to get more oral sex from her partner

Some women are very critical when it comes to their vagina. They worry about its look, taste, smell, which stops the full enjoyment of oral sex. As men like to receive compliments for appearance, women also love to hear the praise for their most intimate part of the body.

When you say to her how delightful her vagina is or how fresh it seems, you will boost her confidence and awake her desire to enjoy the cunnilingus more often. Massage on the inside of her thighs before the intercourse will help her to completely relax and forget any anxieties.

Longer foreplay

Often, couples are getting thrown to work right away. And while it’s completely fine in many circumstances, it is a raw passion. The seduction should be slower and not that hasty. Men need to reveal her body slowly and to let their hands and eyes go gently across a woman’s body.


Kissing is a very intimate act. It is personal, passionate, and it represents communication at many levels. The man must lightly start kissing. He needs to listen to women’s responses and follow her. You need to kiss her cheeks and neck, while kissing her back will give you extra points.

Sex in the public

Sex in the public may be impractical but also incredibly exciting. For starters, you can only try foreground. For example, making out in the corner of a crowded bar, at the rear seat of the car, or on the stairs in front of the building. When you make an experience and get used to it, look for some more isolated public place and risk it!


A loud, sexy talk can be fun, but passionate whispering is something that can totally turn her on. Just do not say anything that will ruin her mood, like, “You remind me of my old girlfriend now”.

Slow undressing

When a woman is excited she is self-confident and satisfied with her looks. And self-confidence is attractive to all men, is it not? With the gentle removal of the wardrobe, the factor of excitement and arousement increase.

Role play

Taking another personality can be liberating, allowing actions and roles that can not be easily followed when you really you. But when you put your costume, you can break the boundaries and insecurities. That’s why many women like to role play.

Show initiative Women want a man who will be the boss in bed. This answer comes from many women, from housewives to young girls. They want to be somehow “forced” into the hands of men who are self-confident and passionate

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