What people searched on Pornhub in 2018?

The most searched things are : Stormy Daniels, Fortnite,4k, Romantic, Trans, Outdoor, Tattoos, Tinder, Bowsette, Threesome

2018 is coming to end and this is the right time to look backward and conclude what happened in this year. This year one pornstar influenced USA politics and made scandal on the top level. It is, of course, Stormy Daniels. And it is not surprising that this pornstar is most searched on pornhub.com. The second term is Fortnite. This very popular game made a breakthrough this year. Many teenagers nowadays are playing this game. It seems like that fortnite is not only the game. It is the way of life and people like to watch players having sex during the game or animated sex correlated with this game.

According to statistics many people like to see videos in high resolution to fulfill their experience. When it comes to a place where people like to see other people have sex is outdoor.

Romantic is still very popular among people, especially among women. Hardcore didn’t make in top 10 which is not surprising. It seems like people got bored with this type of porn, rather they decide to watch soft porn. Especially women like this kind of porn. However, most women searched lesbian.

Stormy Daniels
Awesome year for Stormy Daniels as she got 88 million views from new fans

Tinder as a social network for hooking up with other people is a very popular search. Users of Pornhub are already very familiar with this network and they like to see “results” of this app. Threesome is still very popular as the dream of every man.

Harley Quinn is the most searched movie character. When it comes to celebrities the most searched is Kim Kardashian, which is not weird considering the culture of USA.

A pornstar that got the most views in 2018 was Riley Reid, followed by Lana Rhodes and Mia Khalifa. For Stormy Daniels this year is awesome. She got 88 million views from new fans. Trump scandal made her really famous. The most searched male pornstar was Johnny Sins.

Pornhub got the most visitors from the USA. The second is UK, India, and Japan. When it comes to time spent per visit the absolute first place is held by the Philippines with an average 13 minutes spent. 2/3 of all visitors were men and 1/3 visitors were women.

Not surprisingly the day for watching porn is Sunday, whereas Friday is the least popular day.

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