Why Tinder, Badoo and other date apps suck?

This blog post is inspired by ordinary men’s frustration with these apps. Every man who used these apps or is still using has reached or will reach the level of desperate need to delete these apps. They are time-consuming, worthless and full of scams that it becomes a way of blackmailing people but I will talk about this later.

So to start with I would follow the natural flow that developers of these apps made for us. You sign up and then comes the first step that is crucial. Uploading a picture. As a user of social media, I can say 99% of people are uploading pictures that do not represent their lives. They are lying them as well as they are lying other people. So let’s sort two types of men here:

  1. Bad boys (fuckboys)
  2. Good guys (nerds)
  3. Mix
  4. Scammers

Bad boys will usually post pictures where they are naked only in a swimsuit or in front of cars while they smoke cigars. They are direct, self-confident, do not want to spend time connecting with girls, just want to date them and go to bed with them. Problem is they are full of complex and do want to show that they are full of money, although they are not.

Usually gets the tone of matches.

Good guys totally opposite story. Usually, get liked by women that they do not like, so they do not get matches.
Scammers are people who will date or use any other means to take your money from your pockets. They will blackmail you, threaten you. I will give you an example. Some girl approached me with the story

When it comes to the difference between a number of likes between genders, the study concluded a big gap. The study was made to show how both men and women react to the profile of pretty attractive opposite sex. Attractive women liked about 1000 men and they got astonishing 860 matches and 100 text messages while at the same time attractive man get 200 matches and 10 text messages. Sounds like a big problem.

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And now comes question how to start a conversation?

If you start a conversation with simple hay and how are you, or what are you doing? There are tone of starters and many men start a conversation like this. Women will usually not answer these question unless she is really interested in you. But then you are really lucky. On the other hand, if you start a conversation with some unusual starter it is possible that it will be weird or not depends from case to case. I would advise you to start with a compliment on her latest pictures and avoid talking about physical appearance. Be creative but do not be too creative because as it happens in our case they will not get it.

So first you download it. You are at the hype that you can get all the women. Then reality comes in and you start to feel disappointed. And then you usually get a match with some girls that are average and start chatting with them. Usually, nothing happens. And you start to feel frustrated. In desperation, you try to match with every girl. And same old story every time. And then you start feeling very irritated after which you delete the stupid app. And then you switch to another one. Biggest mistake ever. Nothing changed no matter what you do with the app.

So my conclusion is to avoid downloading these and using these apps. You will lose your nerves, times and many other useful things.
Comment and write about your own experience, so we can discuss why I missed the point of this app.

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