World cup 2018 – type of women fans

Guys as you already know world cup 2018 already started. Everybody is excited and the main focus will be on supporting national teams. As you already know football is man’s most important side thing. Women will be in the second plan or not? Ok as you will see women on stadium did everything to drive your attention from football to them.


Girls are big supports from the stadium. They are like finest fineries and on the half time, all eyes are on them. We are presenting you most common women on stadiums:

world cup 2018

Furious supporters:

They are yelling, they are suing, they are acting like men even more. They are like the women who want to hook up because they are full of energy. These countries tend to have these supporters:

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. Peru
  4. Uruguay
  5. Spain
  6. Portugal

There is absolutely no chance that you will not see them. Many of them come to support their husbands or boyfriends. Many cameras will take pictures just to give guys even more memorable experience.

Yes, of course, you should ask them for beer. You may find the love of your life on this world cup. I would suggest asking girls from other countries so you may find out something new about their cultures.

Second is ladies, like a real ladies.

You will usually spot them sitting, looking uninterested in what is happening on the court. They are like they come to see some movie. They do not get excited when they see goal chance and they act like they are not easy to get. This types of girls will not get much attention from the male audience.

Third is hunter

Hmmm, this types of girls only talk about footballers. How sweet he is. Oh my god, and other crap. They will only comment how good he is although men will say he is playing like he is having two left legs. Total unknowing of football is main characteristics of them. They are the mix of this two previous species.

Have some other types on world cup 2018, comment below.

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