Your condom is broken, what should you do next?

So the evening started nicely for you. You asked a girl to ‘watch movie’ but suddenly that movie turned into something else. And of course, that is the point why you called her, do not lie to me. And then you start having some great time but misfortunes always happen. Your condom is just broken, you do not know what should you do next and you start to panic. You feel frustrated but this is not a time when you should act like a maniac. It is rather a time to think calm down. Well let’s see what should you do:

The first thing you should do to clean yourself. Going to the bathroom can reduce the risk of diseases and the risk of pregnancy. However, there is no strong connection between those two.

If your girlfriend does not want to be pregnant buy emergency contraceptive drugs

If this happened to go to the local pharmacy and buy emergency contraceptive drugs. The best effects are if they are taken in 72h after having dangerous intercourse. After that, you should visit your doctor. Follow your pharmacist instructions because it is very important how to use this kind of medications if you want to get maximum effectiveness and least possible side effects. This is very important if you already ejaculated. But do not think if you did not ejaculate you are protected from the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Many of us release little quantities of sperm before ejaculation which increases risk. So if you want to be 100% sure that you will not get any unwanted effects the best you can do is surely to buy emergency contraceptives.

condom in a hand

If this is your one night stand you should check yourself for sexual transmission diseases

If this is the case you should visit your doctor. Many of these diseases can be prevented in the early stage. They are very unpleasant and some of them are very dangerous (hepatitis b and c, syphilis). Luckily medicine evolved and there are cures for all of them except HIV. If you suspect for HIV your doctor should prescribe you PEP therapy. It is very effective if it is used shortly after the intercourse this therapy is very effective.

To prevent this from happening again you should consider:

    1. Buying high-quality condoms
    2. Proper use of them (if you are not sure how to use condoms ask your pharmacist)

So it seems that this situation can be very unpleasant but with the right strategy, you can go over this problem very easy.

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